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The Black Book of ADHD

David W. Goodman, MD – 1st Edition


“The Black Book of Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder” is a concise presentation of rapidly accessible information important to clinicians diagnosing and treating these patients and their families. I have attempted to cull through the literature and present clinically relevant information in text and table format so that you can quickly find what you need to address the issues of the patient in front of you. I hope you find the format useful for the intended purpose and we welcome feedback for future editions.

Focus Points

  • Diagnostic accuracy is increased by establishing age of onset of symptoms, chronicity of symptom course, presenting symptom threshold and impairments, and family history of attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder while ruling out co-existing psychiatric disorders.
  • Diagnostic prioritization facilitates instituting an effective treatment algorithm.
  • Effective pharmacologic treatments take into consideration issues of safety, tolerability and adherence.
  • Psychotherapeutic approaches are selected for the individual needs of the patient and family.

Cost – $20 (plus $5 shipping and handling)

This book can not be found on Amazon because it has a spiral binding for convenient page search and placing flat on a table. Amazon requires flat book spines with title.

Dr. Goodman is currently accepting orders for this book by phone or via email request. Cash, check or credit card accepted and will be processed over the phone for security. Please contact Dr. Goodman for information on how to obtain this important clinical resource.

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