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Dr. David W. Goodman elected to the Board of Directors of CHADD (The national association for Children and Adults with ADHD)

I was recently honored with an invitation to be a member of the Board of Directors for the national CHADD (Children and Adults with ADHD Association). This organization has been the leading U.S. resource and advocate for those people and families with ADHD.

The annual conference held in November is applauded as a successful forum for professional presentations by leading national experts in the field. Its magazine Attention is an excellent source of information on a broad range of ADHD related topics. This magazine, published every month, is   clearly worth the price of membership.

I strongly recommend learning about the organization, taking advantage of its resources, and networking with those who experience the impact of ADHD everyday. Join CHADD.

WYPR interview on ADHD with Dr. David W. Goodman

My discussion with Dale Archer, M.D. (psychiatrist, best-selling author) on WYPR September 27, 2014 about ADHD, over- diagnosis, and  over-prescribed medications was lively. While Dr. Archer advocates “medication as a last resort” and “the goal of treatment is to get off medication” after learning new skills, I offered the research on medication benefit and a quality of life measure to evaluate medication utility. Certainly, treatment of ADHD at all ages incorporates behavioral therapy, organization skills, couple/family/individual therapies, and academic/occupational accommodations, in addition to medication, when indicated.

For those of you interested, the radio broadcast is available and runs 35 minutes. I invite you to listen and decide for yourself the merits of each position. Ultimately, this information best serves those who have ADHD and their families.


Dr. Goodman interview on Dan Rodricks show on WYPR Jan 27 at 1pm

I have been invited as an expert on ADHD to participate in an interview on the Mid-day with Dan Rodricks show on WYPR on January 27 1-2pm. This is a live panel discussion that will include Dale Archer M.D., a psychiatrist and writer, to discuss the use of medication and treatment options for ADHD. The discussion is moderated by Dan Rodricks who is a distinguished journalist in Baltimore with a regular feature in the Baltimore Sun newspaper.

Dr. Archer wrote an article online for Forbes on January 6, 2014 on his perspective of ADHD and the overuse of medication and the over-marketing of ADHD. His article highlights and echoes the sentiments of Alan Schwatz in his New York Times article “The Selling of Attention Deficit Disorder” published December 15, 2013.

This one-hour program will give me the opportunity to highlight the national and international  scientific literature and research on ADHD. I hope to highlight the  well documented negative consequences over the course of one’s life with untreated ADHD as reflected in several international prospective studies following ADHD children into young adulthood.

This program promises to be a lively discussion and offers listeners the opportunity to call in with questions.  I encourage you to mark your calendar. I believe the program can be accessed online. If you listen, please leave me your comments for feedback.


Dr. David W. Goodman, M.D. awarded “Fellowship” status by the American Psychiatric Association

As a psychiatrist for 27 years, I am honored that the American Psychiatric Association has appointed me to a “Fellowship” status. The criteria for this award is a history of psychiatric contribution to teaching, research, and clinical care. For those of you familiar with my work, this is additional affirmation that I have maintained my professional skills and contribution to the field. For those of you not familiar with my work, I invite you to visit my website which enumerates my research and publications. In addition to my teaching chief residents in psychiatry at the Johns Hopkins Hospital, research publications, and pre-publication peer review, I continue to see patients my full-time practice. I look forward to attending the convocation ceremony in May in New York City.