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Finding ADHD Experts Around the World

May 12, 2013

Because my patients travel from the U.S. or come to consult me from other countries, the question of locating experts in ADHD, especially for adults, comes up often. Here is my suggestion to locate such an expert.

Go to www.pubmed.com.   This is the National Institute of Health website on medical publications.

In the search box, enter “ADHD” and the city and/or country in which you seek an expert.

Several publications will come up with authors in your designated location. Find one that is relevant, Open the link and you will see a summary of the publication.

The first author will often have an academic affiliation whose geography you can check. The first author often has his/her email address listed. You can email the author and ask if he/she sees patients or to whom he/she would refer someone for evaluation and treatment of ADHD.

You may have to go through emailing a few people to get to someone with the expertise you seek and is currently seeing patients.

Simple and effective. Hope this helps those who stumble across this blog.

David W. Goodman, M.D.

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