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Women and ADHD at HealthWomen.org

October 24, 2012

Although the gender distribution of ADHD in children is 3 boys to 1 girl, in adults the distribution is 1 woman to 1 man.  Women are being diagnosed more often in adulthood because they usually don’t have the disruptive behavior in childhood like the boys. Women and men get diagnosed because the persistent inattention, distractiblity and disorganization impairing their ability to complete tasks in a timely fashion.

HealthWomen.org  invited me to be the medical editor on their article on this subject so as to insure the accuracy of the information. I was pleased to review, edit and update the information for their readers.

I invite you to take a look. This is a long and comprehensive review with up-to-date information to help women, men and their family with ADHD.

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