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USA Today Oct 25 quote from Dr. Goodman

October 25, 2011

With the recent release of the American Academy of Pediatrics diagnostic and treatment guidelines highlighting attention on preschool children and adolescents, USA Today newspaper is running a story in the Life section of today’s (October 25, 2011) paper. The author, Kim Painter, contacted me for background material and a teenager who has been recently diagnosed and treated. She has quoted me as an expert source and you can read the article here.

I am pleased to be of assistance to the media who heightens public awareness of the disorder, it’s negative impact on adolescents and the need for evaluation. For those people diagnosed and treated effectively, there is one repeated remark I often hear, “If I had only known this years ago, how would life have been different.”

As a heads up, look for an upcoming article on ADHD and women in Women’s Health Magazine within the next two months on this topic. Yes, I helped them too.

To those of you who periodically read my articles, thank you for your interest. I’ll try to post information you may not find elsewhere.

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